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Ordinarily We meet on Wednesdays at 11:45 am 
Outback Steakhouse 
12511 IH-10 West 
San Antonio, Texas 78230 
United States
HOWEVER due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic meetings will be held remotely until further notice. Please contact President Rick Tarbell or Secretary Mary Denton for more information and updates.
Year in Review 2019-2020
Rotary: People of Action! 
Winner of Rotary Annual Photo Contest!
Visit us at our meeting on ZOOM! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2108469320  Next meeting will be Wednesday June 24 - we meet informally around 11:30 to fellowship and catch up with each other.  The meeting officially begins at 12:00.
Rotarians are helping during the COVID-19 crisis!
Ken Donoughue continues to help feed needy children and the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic in connection with the Pleasanton Rotary Club.  
Brenda Jackson continues to serve the community during the COVID-19 outbreak through her nursing profession and is unable to attend regular meetings. We commend you Brenda with the work that you are doing to support the community!
If anyone else from our club is assisting the community in any way during the COVID-19 crisis please let me know.  We would like to recognize your service in the community.
Prayer and Pledge
President Rick Tarbell opened this, his last meeting as club president, and led us with a word of prayer and the pledges. 
New Member Induction
As part of our program today we continue to make club history by inducting our newest member with the help of zoom!  President Rick Tarbell introduced our candidate, Maverick Pascal. Maverick works at USAA in property insurance. He is a Texas A&M at San Antonio grad, a Marine Corps Veteran,  and is a visual artist. He is pursuing his masters degree.  Veronica Ruse is his sponsor. Ken Ruiz and Allyson Hamlin were the induction team using the script that was used for Ken Ruiz' induction in 1988 into our club. We will present Rene's badge, pin and flag at when we meet again at the Outback Steakhouse.
Club Luncheon and Speaker
President Rick Tarbell introduced Kenny Wilson, CEO of Haven for Hope. He shared with us why he left an executive position with Bank of America to go to Haven for Hope. He said that this business is bigger and more complicated than he expected. The discipline and science of homelessness is complicated and there's not one answer to it. Haven for Hope helps people get to a better place. The mental health prevailing force is homelessness. People come her to get their life back in order.  It is a person centered care and trauma informed care. 
Umbrella Time
Secretary Mary Denton owns the umbrella this month. She shared some fascinating data about the San Antonio housing market. Mary's winning bid goes towards her Paul Harris fellowship.
Fines and Confessions - Missing Pins and Badges
Apparently we have all been little angels this week or at least we didn't admit to anything.....
Humor by Fred Timmons
Local school board is decided whether to require school age kids to wear masks in school. Just think about kids in elementary school wearing masks and the teacher saying things like "Please don't snap Billy's mask in his face," "You should not be using your mask as a slingshot, please put it back on your face." "Please don't chew on your mask." "I know the inside of your mask is wet - you should not lick the inside of it."  
Know Your Grapes by President Elect John Legris
President Elect John Legris is focusing on red wines. Today the Shiraz is featured, originally from the Rhone region of France.  These grapes were brought to South Africa and Australia in the 1830s. In the United States the top producing grapes for Shiraz are grown in Washington state. Currently in the Legris household they are enjoying Riesling wines from the Mosel region of Germany.  They are unpronounceable and difficult to spell except by President Elect John...and perhaps Bruce Richter...
Thank you President Elect John for elevating our knowledge of the history of wines!
No Show Low Drawing Today
We anxiously await the Show Low drawing as soon as our club is able to meet at the Outback Steakhouse!
Treasurer Fred Timmons recently sent out the annual dues notices.  You may mail in your check or pay by paypal.  Please contact Treasurer Fred with any questions that you may have.  Please note that any members who do not pay their dues or make arrangements with Treasurer Fred will be dropped from membership of our club. 
email: fred.timmons@claconnect.com and phone: 210-241-4609
In Other News
President Elect John Legris announced that he and President Rick Tarbell are working closely with the Northwest Rotary Club who will meet June 18 at Outback Steakhouse.  President Elect John is hopeful that our club can plan to conduct our regular weekly meetings at the Outback Steakhouse on July 1.  
The next Board Meeting will be Thursday June 25 at 11:00 through zoom.  Any regular member may attend as an observer.  The meeting ID is: 210-846-9320.
Russell Hampton is offering Rotary face masks for sale at $10 each.  Some of our club members have shown an interest and they have ordered some for themselves. They are not medical grade - they are made of tightly woven cotton fabric.  For more information visit their website HERE.
District 5840 News
Join Rotarians from District 5840 on Saturday, July 11th at 11:30 am., as we celebrate the changeover of leadership and enter the 2020-21 Rotary year! We're excited to announce the installation of our incoming District Governor, Xavier Toson, and his leadership team! We will also celebrate the efforts of a job well done for outgoing District Governor John Hutcherson. Register today! https://bit.ly/XTD5840
Keep up with all Rotary District 5840 News by clicking HERE!
District 5840 monthly bulletin available on their website! Click HERE!
President Rick Tarbell closed the meeting by leading us with the Four Way Test.  He challenged us by asking, "Who have you invited to Rotary?"


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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on social distancing all club events will either be held remotely or postponed until further notice.  Please contact President Rick Tarbell or Secretary Mary Denton for more information and updates.

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