Posted on Oct 21, 2020
Club Meeting
The meeting began by President John Legris and with the ringing of the bell by Bruce Richter. Ken Ruiz opened the meeting with a word of prayer and led the club with the pledges.
Reminder:  Our Gold Raffle is NEXT WEEK!!!   
Club Luncheon and Business Program
Ken Ruiz introduced our guest speaker, Cathy Heshmat.  Cathy is one of Ken's key mentors in business.  She is a former school teacher and the owner of Brit's House. Mom of 3 grandmother of 1. Her mission is to prevent one mother from walking in her shoes. She shared her powerful and emotional story with us.
Originally from Ohio, she is now a San Antonian for 20 yrs.  She spoke to us about Sober Homes where people go to get sober. She shared that the over the counter medication Imodium is considered an opioid. After a wisdom tooth extraction her son Brit became addicted to opioids. During his battle with addiction and experiencing success, he wanted to help others and start his own Sober House. Unfortunately Brit could not see his dream come to fruition - he tragically passed away this past December. Now Cathy and her husband are fulfilling their promise to open Brit’s Sober House to help addicts get sober.  Their goal is to become a non profit so others will be able to contribute and be able to deduct donations on their taxes. Right now they use the profits to help remove financial stress from the residents. Cathy introduced Robert Rejino, who is in recovery and was a mentor to her son Brit and now in turn is a mentor to others. He manages Brit’s House.  Robert says “I wouldn’t be here if not for the Safe Houses.” Robert runs a painting business and teaches those who need a job and learn a trade. Some of the club members wondered if any of those learning a trade could be hired and Cathy said yes.  Please get in touch with Ken Ruiz or Mary Denton if you would like Cathy's phone number. Residents are randomly tested from time to time and they can’t refuse. There are rules of the house in order to stay. Ken Donoughue shared his knowledge about setting up non profit so that Cathy can still be in control of use of the funds.  She spoke about the dangers of prescription drugs and the severe reactions from just one experience. 
Thank you for speaking to our club today.  As is our tradition we will donate a book in your honor to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library. 
We would love for you to visit us when we begin to meet in person again at the Outback Steakhouse!