Posted on Jun 26, 2019
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
The meeting began with the ringing of the bell by President Fred Timmons. Bruce Richter led us in a word of prayer and the pledge. 
President Fred introduced our guests and speaker today: District Governor Kathy Hubbard, Jerry Hardy, District Foundation Chair, Lori Anne Tarbell, wife of President Elect Rick and regular guest and long time friend Dave Jauer.
Fun fact: Dave and President Fred have known each other since college!
President Fred announced these upcoming club events:
  • Coffee Friday is July 12
  • Happy Hour is July 18
Gold Raffle Meeting
Ken Ruiz said that this will be the 30th annual Gold Raffle. This year it will be held at the Mini Cooper dealership October 23rd.  Dave Jauer gave Fred a check for the first raffle ticket sold this year!  Ken asked those of us who wanted to stay afterwards for a brief meeting.
Happy Independence Day!
We will not meet next Wednesday, July 3.  
National What Day 
  • National Coconut Day – coconut oil falls into the superfood category due to what all it can do for our health. We use the whole coconut. If you are lactose intolerant, then use coconut milk when making homemade ice cream.
  • National Beauticians Day – also known as stylists, hairdressers and cosmetologists, these men and women make us look our best every day. They also become our close confidants, getting to know our families and everything about us. I know because I have been married to one for almost 43 years.
  • National Parchment Day – arrives to bring innovation and convenience back to the kitchen. Parchment infuses flavor, locks in moisture and preserves vital nutrients and has long been a part of the French kitchen.
  • National Chocolate Pudding Day – loved by children and adults as a snack or a dessert, it can also be used as filling for chocolate crème pie.
This Day in History
  • 1948 – the U.S. begins the Berlin Airlift – delivering food and supplies by airplane to Berlin after the city is isolated by the soviet union blockade.
  • 1956 – Congress approves the Federal Highway Act which allocates $30 Billion for the construction of 41,000 miles of interstate highways.
  • 1945 – the U. N. Charter is signed by 50 nations
  • 1977 – Elvis Presley sings in Indianapolis, the last performance of his career.
  • 1964 – the U.S. releases the Beatle’s “A Hard Day’s Night” Also, last Tuesday, Paul McCartney turned 77.
Pass the Hat: San Antonio Food Bank – for kids in the summer when there is not a free lunch at school.