We will be returning to Outback Steakhouse for in person meetings March 31.  The meeting will also be live streamed for those who wish to social distance.
New Member Candidate
Membership Chair Kenneth Ruiz is setting up fireside chat for Kenneth Black and induction ceremony.
District Mini Library Initiative
Vice President Destiny Mujica gave us a progress report regarding the two mini libraries that our club has committed to build – one location has been confirmed.  A second location is in the process – working with the City San Antonio. The mini library project is the initiative by our District Governor Xavier Toson.
Confessions and Brags
Ken Donoughue served as our virtual Sergeant at Arms. 
New Member Candidate Ken Black confessed that he will have a birthday on Tuesday!
Treasurer Fred Timmons called out club members who have had birthdays and anniversaries - some of you have not yet sent in checks to the foundation yet!  As is our custom, your contribution goes to your Paul Harris Fellow. You may either write a check of pay electronically with square.  Contact Fred for more information:  210-298-7932 (direct) or