Our speaker today was Tracey Fontenot, Co-Founder of Kinetic Kids. Also joining us from Kinetic Kids was Jenna Malsbury and Isabel Jones.  In a nutshell it is a physical and creative activity program designed specifically for children with special needs.  Their website says it best: "In 2001, Tracey Fontenot and Kacey Wernli were practicing pediatric physical therapists who saw a need. The children with special needs that they served needed more exercise. They needed motivation. They needed camaraderie. They needed the joy that comes from being part of a team. Together, Kacey and Tracey founded Kinetic Kids with just one t-ball team of 12 children. Then word got out, and the requests followed. This year, we will offer 234 sports and recreation programs to more than 2,800 children with special needs." Tracey shared that the program doesn't exclude anyone with special needs - even if there is no diagnosis.  The programs are run in several areas of San Antonio, Schertz and New Braunfels. This allows the kids to participate in the same facilities as their siblings and friends and makes it easier for parents to bring them. The program is designed to not isolate the kids - they are close to family and friends. Coaches are specifically trained as well as the interns who assist the kids. Two staff members oversee every program. The program provides athletic equipment specifically designed for special needs athletes. The schedules coincide with traditional sports seasons. The kids are encouraged to be independent and participate without their parents' help. This allows the parents to spend some time together with other family members and to watch and cheer for their athletes. The programs are fee based and there are scholarships available. 
For more information and to donate and/or volunteer your time, visit their website HERE. 
Watch their heartwarming "HOME" youtube video HERE!