Destiny Mujica introduced our guest speaker today, Andrea Lopez of the Rape Crisis Center. Andrea has been with the center since January 2018 and has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Communication from UTSA. She is currently the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Rape Crisis Center. She shared that the center helps with a wide range of services from immediate crisis to prevention. They serve the needs of children, women and men. Andrea shared with us that many times victims do not report this crime so do not get the treatment that they need. It is very important to report incidents because it is a health and safety human right. The center is working to dispel the myths that surround sexual assault. It can happen any time, any where - wherever people congregate. Seven out of 10 times the victims know their assailant who uses opportunity to select their victim. It's about power and control. Andrea said that stalking, sexual harassment and voyeurism are all parts of sexual assault. The center's services are 100% free and they are grant funded. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bills 1729 and 4102 that allows citizens to contribute the fund through the DMV when renewing for example driver's licenses, motor vehicle registration. Currently there is a backlog in testing and the funding is used to speed up the process of testing rape kits to help bring criminals to justice sooner and hopefully prevent repeat offenders.
Andrea invited us to visit the center. If you are interested in helping, there is a screening process for volunteers.
The Rape Crisis Center 24 hour hotline is 210-349-7273. For more information go to their website: Their office is centrally located at 4606 Centerview Dr. Suite 200.
Thank you Andrea for speaking to our club about this very important subject! We applaud you spreading education and dispelling myths surrounding this violent act. Please come back to visit out club any time!