Dr. Matthew Krause, OTR, OTD is our speaker today. Dr. Krause has been a practicing occupational therapist for 25 years with multiple employers as well as private contracts. He currently practice clinically at the Baptist Health System, Morningside Ministries, Select Rehabilitation at Blue Skies of Texas East and West, Behavioral Support and Nursing Services/Bright Spring, and any number of clinics, Home Health Services and private consultations.   He explained the differences between physical therapy and occupational therapy. Physical therapy gets you moving while occupational therapy gets you living. Dr. Krause works with children with developmental delays. For adults he works to get you back to where you were before or adapting being as independent as possible. Dr. Krause discussed what medical personnel use to protect themselves while attending patients. He worries about the public's complacency with the COVID-19 pandemic. He reminds us the importance of hand washing and social distancing. You may reach Dr. Krause at his email address: mychevy57@yahoo.com
Thank you Dr. Krause for speaking to us today! President Rick invited Dr. Krause to join us for lunch when we go back to holding our regular meetings at Outback Steakhouse.
Missing Pins or Badges
We have been spotty about wearing our badges. The fickle finger of fines has flown over our club during this time. It's bound to catch up with us when we return to our regular meetings!
Notice of New Member Proposal First Notice
 In accordance with our Club Bylaws, proposed new members must be published for two weeks giving our membership notice.  At its May 5 meeting, the OHRC Board approved the application of Maverick Pascal for membership. Maverick will have the classification of either property insurance or visual artist. Veronica Ruse is his sponsor. If any OHRC member knows why Maverick should not be admitted into OHRC membership, please advise President Rick Tarbell within two weeks of this notice.