Allyson Hamlin was sorry she missed the meeting last week - she traveled to Raleigh North Carolina for business. Next week she will be traveling to Arkansas.
Destiny Mujica confessed that she wasn't here last week because she woke up to a flat tire. 
Ken Donoughue confessed that somehow he lost his badge.
Barry Abrams was all aglow when he said that he and his wife Jerri traveled to California. They welcomed the newest member of their family - granddaughter Sydney!
VetStrong Update:
Bruce Richter shared that the Board approved a $500 contribution to the VetStrong program. Ramon Gonzales extended his gratitude for our donation. This organization is mostly volunteer run. They are looking for useable household goods for vets who are in need. Please send photos of the items to be donated to Bruce Richter. VetStrong is in need of temporary warehousing of a large amount of donated items from USAA. Club members are offering suggestions for warehousing and hopefully help will come soon!