As always, Fred shared a little humor...something about jellyfish don't have brains and yet have survived 50 jillion years...

Club Business
Since our regularly scheduled Board meeting in October will conflict with the Gold Raffle, there will be a full board meeting in November. A short board meeting will be held after next week’s regular club meeting.
District Governor Toson’s mini library initiative – we will be deciding to accept this as a project. Vice President Destiny Mujica & Allyson Hamlin will contact the district community coordinator to find out details.
Update on the Nuevo Rosita water purification project. President Elect Rick Rhodes talked with Dr Garcia this morning. Will give him the names of the schools. President John asked Immediate Past President Rick Tarbell to find out how we can join them on a zoom club meeting. They also meet on Wednesdays.
Volunteer Opportunites
Ken Donoughue and Allyson Hamlin  – progress update on Locke Hill Elementary School book reading. They will follow up to find out when we can begin to read to the children in person.
Bruce Richter update on volunteer opportunity for Meals on Wheels. Hasn’t heard from them. Years ago had a meeting at their site and delivered meals.
Gold Raffle Update
Treasurer Fred asked for unsold tickets to be turned in so others can sell
Club meeting guests were recognized:
Jose Barbosa, Weston Florida  – Ken Ruiz' trainer & his wife is Ken’s nutritionist
Jim Norton, past District Governor of the Weston Rotary Club.
Confessions & Brags
Joe Montagna's birthday - he is a young “63”