Destiny Mujica shared this one:
"Have you ever seen an elephant hiding in trees?"
"It's because they're so good at it."
National What Day 
National Croissant Day – was originated by an Austrian Military Officer who in 1939 opened a bakery in Paris and introduced the croissant – the key to a perfect one is when you laminate the dough, where butter is folded into the dough creating thin layers of butter and dough.
This Day in History
1848 – California Gold Rush – first gold nugget was discovered in Coloma, Calif and 500,000
people rushed to Calif to find gold
1948 – Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi
1969 – the Beatles performed their last public performance
1951 – Phil Collins was born on this day in England, he was vocalist and drummer for the rock
group Genesis, then went on to have a successful solo career. He also had the largest
collection by an individual of Alamo artifacts and he donated his collection to the State of
Texas within the last couple of years. These are now on display on the Alamo grounds.
Pass the Hat goes to: Boy Scouts of America