National What Day 
  • National Gingerbread Day – is a sweet food that typically uses honey or molasses rather than just sugar and is flavored with ginger. It was first brought to Europe in 992.
  • National Moonshine Day – first came to the U.S. in the 1830s. Some of the nicknames for it are white lightening, mountain dew, homebrew, hillbilly pop and rotgut.
  • National Veggie Burger Day
  • National Running Day – whatever the distance, it’s about placing one foot in front of the other and setting a pace.
  • Tomorrow is the Anniversary of D-Day or the Normandy Invasion. It was the largest Seaborne Invasion in History. The operation began the liberation of German occupied France and later Europe from Nazi control. Allied casualties were at least 10,000 with 4400 confirmed dead.

This Day in History

  • 1968 – Bobby Kennedy was assassinated
  • 1934 – Walt Disney received a patent for Mickey Mouse
Pass the Hat: San Antonio Food Bank – for kids in the summer when there is not a free lunch at school.