National Gardening Day
National Pecan Day
National Ex Spouse Day
National Dolphin Day
This Day in History
1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln
1902 JC Penney opened first store
1932 Loretta Lynn's birthday
1939 Grapes of Wrath was published
1941 Pete Rose's birthday 
Freds Funnies
I enjoy a glass of wine each night for its health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks and my flawless dance moves.
Thank you Ken Donoughue for donating books for the month of April!   
District Foundation Raffle
Treasurer Fred is selling tickets for the District Foundation Raffle!  There will be 7 winning tickets - Frost Bank cards worth $1000 each. 3rd ticket sold the seller also wins a $1000 Frost Bank card for $1000.
Coffee Friday
Last Friday President John and Bruce Richter met for coffee at Bakery Lorraine in the Medical Center.  They partook of their delicacies and said that they really enjoyed it.  President John hopes that more will be able to attend next month. The coffee time is now later, 9 a.m.
Club Assembly
The next club assembly is scheduled May 12.  The focus will be on membership initiatives for next year.
Fashion News
Ken Ruiz shared with us the latest trend in Rotary fashion....
Show Low Raffle
President John is happy that we are going back to the wine raffle!  He said that he will donate wine for May and possibly June. Today's red is J Lohr, a Merlot.  President John said that it is quite good. Today's white is Gruner Veltliner and it is Hungarian.  It is light and semi sweet. Membership Chair Ken Ruiz held the first ticket drawn and if he drew the 2 of clubs he had the chance to win the $275 pot. Unfortunately he drew the 3 of spades. Ken chose the red wine. To our amazement and his, Ken also held the second ticket drawn! He graciously donated the wine to our guest from James Pobanz ofVet Strong.
Confessions and Brags
Bruce Richter brags after being furloughed one year Rene has been recruited from her job to come back to work!
Ken Ruiz was fined for not being here for invocation and for being late.
Vice President Destiny Mujica bragged that she is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of her daughter Joslyn's cranial surgery.  She thanked the club for our thoughts and prayers.
Veronica Ruse was late so she paid a fine.
Umbrella Time
Vice President Destiny Mujica owns the umbrella for the month with her winning bid of $151! Her donation will go towards her Paul Harris Fellowship. She will be fine free during the time that she owns the umbrella.  She announced that our recent speaker, Roberto Gill from the Fresh Air Fund came through on his promise to donate books for the Locke Hills Elementary School Library.
Board Meeting
There will be a board meeting immediately after the club meeting today. Due to a prior commitment, President John will not be able to preside over the meeting.  In his absence Vice President Destiny Mujica will preside.
Pass the Hat
Since we are again meeting in person we are reinstituting our tradition of "Pass the Hat". Treasurer Fred Timmons said that today's donations of $27 will be donated to the Children’s Bereavement Center.
Sheriff Salazar
President John said that Sheriff Salazar promised to record himself reading a book to be donated to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library.  The Board voted to make a donation to the Sheriff’s foundation.
Next Week's Speaker
Our speaker next week will be:  Dr. Phillip Balfanz - invited by program committee member Bil Trodlier. This should be a very interesting presentation so please try to attend!
Thank You Programs Committee!
Our Programs Committee is doing a wonderful job this year filling the slots for our weekly meetings with informative and interesting speakers! We recognize that you have had a very challenging year during the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.  Most of our speakers for the year have presented to the club hrough zoom. We are very thankful for you!
Vice President Destiny Mujica is chairman and Brenda Jackson, Rick Tarbell, Ken Donoughue and Bil Trodlier are serving on the committee. Next time you see them please be sure to thank them for all their hard work!