President John Legris began the meeting with the ringing of the bell.  He welcomed club members to “The Friendliest Club in District 5840.”
Ken Donoughue led the group with a prayer and the pledges.
President Legris pointed out that we had a great turnout today! After over a year of social distancing this is the first time for the entire club to meet together again at the Outback Steakhouse. Present at this meeting were 16 "in person" and 2 "virtually"!   President John paraphrased Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line by saying “We’re back!”
Today's meeting was also streamed virtually on zoom!  Thank you Allyson Hamlin and Roger Thompson for joining us virtually.  We hope that you were able to hear and see the meeting all right.
President Legris continues these traditions:
National Days
National Bunsen Burner Day – a day to shout out to your fave science teacher
Manatee Appreciation Day
National Tater Day
National Clams on the Half Shell Day
National Prom Day
National Days
1854 Commodore Perry and the Shogunate of Japan signed the Treaty of Kanagawa
1889 Eiffel Tower inaugurated to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution 
1999 Movie The Matrix opened in theaters
Texas is Unique
State Senator William Blakley is quoted as saying, “Texas is neither southern nor Western. Texas is Texas.”
Fred’s Funnies
One summer eve during a violent thunderstorm a mom was about to turn out the lights. Her young son asked if she would stay with him.  Mom replied, “I have to sleep with daddy in his room."  Son’s response was “The big sissy.”
Another joke was about a little girl’s Easter Dress…you needed to be here to appreciate it….
New Member Induction
President John introduced Kenneth Black as our newest member prospect.  Ken Ruiz, Membership Chair and Vice President Destiny Mujica and President John participated in his induction.  Kenneth Black’s classification is Insurance. Kenneth says that he wears many hats! Besides owning his own insurance company he is also a physical fitness trainer and wellness coach. Treasurer Fred pointed out that Kenneth has been joining us frequently during our virtual meetings for the past several months.  We're happy to have you as our newest member and look forward to your influence and ideas!
If you haven’t already, be sure to congratulate him on joining the fellowship of this friendly, service oriented club!
Membership Chair Ken invited Kenneth to consider discovering his “Rotary Moment.” A moment where he finds a deeper relationship into Rotarian. He encouraged Kenneth to get involved in service projects.
Paul Harris Fellow Induction
Next Treasurer Fred Timmons gave a presentation about the Rotary Foundation. Membership Chair and Treasurer Fred Timmons presided over the Induction of Veronica Ruse and President John Legris as our newest Paul Harris Fellows. Treasurer Fred and President John shared stories of our club’s long and storied history of generous giving by many of our members.
“We are stronger together” – John Legris
Join us next time!
Guest Speaker next week will be our newest member Kenneth Black!  You don't want to miss this!
President John hinted about some new ideas in store for future meetings!
Umbrella Auction!
After a long hiatus the club instituted auctioning the umbrella! Today's auctioneer was "Mr Personality" Membership Chair Ken Ruiz.  Emotions ran high for about 12 1/2 minutes!  After a very fast paced and heated auction, Vice President Destiny Mujica won the umbrella!!!! Congrats Destiny! VP Destiny's winning bid of $151 will go towards her Paul Harris Fellowship.  Ownership of the umbrella has its perks!  For the next month VP Destiny won't have to pay any fines and she has the opportunity to speak on any subject she likes.  We can't wait to hear what she has to say......