Bruce Richter shared a story from the January 2019 Rotary Magazine called "Fight for Families on the Border."
Author: Ruby Powers, Rotary E-Club, Houston
Author Background: Immigration lawyer familiar with detention facilities, experience in immigration and asylum law (10 years experience), speaks Spanish.
Rotary Experience:
  • While her parents lived in Mexico, her mother was an American missionary.
  • Grew up in Mexico, Texas and Missouri
  • Joined Interact in High School
  • Was Rotary Youth Exchange Student to Belgium
  • Ambassadorial Scholar in Barcelona, Spain (where Bruce and Gloria visited on their trip in October)
Support Effort Given:
  • Provided pro bono legal support
  • Spoke to 4 moms, 7 dads over 2 day visit to Port Isabel Detention Center
  • Offered understanding and advice for "credible fear" interview.
  • Some parents already deported without separated children.
  • Some parents waived their rights to reunification without understanding what was happening.
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