John Legris once again enchanted us with his superior knowledge of the fruit of the vine. This week's offerings were Messina Hoff Merlot from wineries located in Bryan and Fredericksburg.  Grapes are harvested on the Texas High Plains (Gloria Richter knows where). The white wine was Casal Garcia Vinho Verde from Portugal - John described it similar to champagne and not as sweet.
Marlene Mattox won the opportunity to draw the 2 of Clubs to win the $300 pot. She drew the 8 of hearts and was pleased to choose the Messino Hoff.

Joe Montagna owned the second ticket and happily walked away with a bottle of Casal Garcia.
This month just flew by and we thank John his knowledge and creativity with his wine presentations. Bruce Richter unofficially nominated John for the position of "Sommelier for Life".