For our wine selections today, our favorite Sommelier John Legris presented Pool Side Pinot Grigio, the white wine selection and Frontera After Midnight, the red. John shared that the Frontera means "border" and "After Midnight" refers to the fact that the grapes are picked in the evening so that the flavor is locked in. Pool Side Pinot Grigio, for those paying attention, is making its second appearance. Derek Matthys won the opportunity to draw the 2 of clubs and win the prize of $550. As luck would have it he drew the 4 of spades. He donated his white wine choice to the speaker. Allyson Hamlin owned the second ticket drawn and took home the mysterious red wine. 
Thank you Ken Ruiz for donating the wine for June!   By the way, Ken and his fiance are enjoying time away in Europe - have fun you two!