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Oak Hills Rotary Bulletin Feb 26 2020
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
This week our club secretary, Mary Denton, was unable to attend so Ken Donoughue took notes and photos.  Ken, despite your busy schedule you are always willing to do whatever is needed to keep our club meetings going smoothly.  Thank you so much - Mary 
Club Meeting
President Rick Tarbell opened the meeting with the ringing of the bell. Ken Donoughue led us with a word of prayer and the pledges. Vice President John Legris introduced Jocelyn Rhoades, as well as visiting Rotarian, ADG Jackie Parsons and our speaker for today, Dr. Reg Cully.
Happy Hour was held on Thurs Feb 20 at Europa at 5:30 pm. It was reported that John Legris, Rick Rhodes, Ken Ruiz and Ken Donoughue were in attendance. The next Happy Hour will be Thurs March 19 at the Flying Saucer on Huebner Rd.
Coffee Friday was cancelled due to the regulars having had other commitments.  The next coffee fellowship will be on Fri, March 13 at Einstein Bagels at University Heights on DeZavala. The address is 12730 W IH 10. 
Past President Fred Timmons provided some humor.
President Rick "Passed the Hat" and informed the club that proceeds for this month will go to the Kendall Robotics organization.
National Day
President Rick informed us that today was National Pistachio Day.
This Day in History
1848 Karl Marx & Frederick Engels published the "Communist Manifesto"
1917 President Wilson asked Congress for the power to arm merchant ships.
1951 the 22nd Amendment added limiting the President to 2 terms
1993 A bomb rocked the World Trade Center
Club Lunch and Business Program
Vice President John Legris introduced Dr. Reg Tully and Dr. Miguel Atala, both with Airrosti Boerne, a chiropractic clinic. He also introduced their technicians.
Dr. Reg Cully was the speaker for the group and the day's program. Dr. Cully explained the difference in Airrosti's approach to chiropractic medicine and other chiropractic approaches. Dr. Cully stated that Airrosti's approach deals with soft tissue. Other chiropractic clinics approach is by the manipulation of the patient's skeletal structure.  Dr. Cully's power point presentation was very informative. He stated that their clinic is able to treat soft tissue injuries of the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, lower back, hip, knee, and foot to eliminate pain in those areas of the body about 88.9% of the time.
President Rick thanked Dr. Cully and honored his presentation with a book donation to the Locke Hill Elementary Library.
President Rick thanked Gloria Duke Richter for the book donations for the month of February and March.
New Member Induction
President Rick, assisted by Ken Ruiz and Ken Donoughue, installed Dr. Jacqueline Parsons in the Oak Hills Rotary Club as a transferring member from the Stone Oak Rotary Club. Welcome Jackie! We are so glad that you decided to join our club - we look forward to the future of our club with your knowledge and leadership experience!
The club thanked President Rick for the donation of wine for the month of February. President Rick thanked Ken Ruiz for the wine donations in March.
Ken Ruiz provided a brief "Umbrella Time" presentation.
A number of fines were collected for brags and confessions.
Vice President John Legris provided information on the wine selections for the day.
Show Low Pot
The "Show-Low" pot this week was $275.  John Legris won the right to select the two of clubs. He was unsuccessful and received a bottle of red wine.
Past President Timmons owned the second ticket drawn and took home the white wine.
President Rick encouraged members to bring a guest to Rotary.
Next week's meeting will be at Hallmark University on IH 10 W at the usual meeting time, 11:45 a.m. Our special speaker will be Dr. Gabriel Oluwakotanmi, Dean of Nursing.
District 5840 News
Inviting all San Antonio area Rotarians to the 3rd annual Rotary Day SA on Saturday, March 21, 2020! Join your fellow Rotarians as we come together to make a huge impact in the community. Interact, Rotaract and children 10 and older are welcomed! We will be working at both  Elmendorf Lake Park and Martinez Park - doing gardening, litter removal, painting and playground mulching. We are seeking 250 volunteers for Rotary Day SA 2020. Contact to sign-up.  For more information click HERE!
Tickets are still available at our weekly meetings to sell and win a cruise!  Chance to win at the low low price of $10!  The proceeds benefit the District Foundation.  Both winner and seller win a cruise for 2!!! Winners are announced at the District Conference.
For even more news around our district and volunteer opportunities be sure to visit the Home Page for District 5840 Click HERE!
Vice President John Legris closed the meeting by leading us in the Four Way Test.