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Hear ye! Hear Ye!  We will begin meeting again in person at Outback Steakhouse on March 31! Please contact
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Invite your friends to "the friendliest club in District 5840!"
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Oak Hills Rotary Bulletin Mar 24, 2021
President John Legris welcomed guest (and soon to be inducted as new member) Kenneth Black, guest speaker Evelyn Garza of the City of San Antonio and club members to the "Friendliest Club in District 5840!"
Ken Donoughue led the group with a prayer and the pledges.
Very Special Meeting Next Week
President John shared that our newest prospective member, Kenneth Black, recently had a Fireside Chat with Membership Chair Ken Ruiz, Vice President Destiny Mujica and President John Legris.  Induction ceremony is anticipated to be during our next in person meeting at the Outback Steakhouse, March 31!  We also anticipate inducting members of our club as new Paul Harris Fellows! Treasurer Fred asks all Paul Harris Fellows to wear their medallion at the meeting next week.
As we all know, this has been an extremely challenging year with COVID social distancing restrictions and then there was the winter of all winters here in San Antonio and south Texas!  Through it all our club has remained strong with good attendance. Additionally, club members have reached out to one another to find out about any possible needs.  Let's make this next week's meeting a GREAT one!  For those of you who wish to remain socially distant you will still be able to join us virtually. Vice President Destiny Mujica will be in charge of the zoom feed.  Access to the zoom meeting will still be the same address until further notice:
Notice:  Attendance will be taken. If you are attending virtually please send Secretary Mary a text or email so that your attendance will be counted. Text: 210-846-9320 or email:
President John continues the tradition of announcing the National Days and this Day in History.
National Days
National Pay Day
National Cheesesteak Day - a tasty treat said to have been originated in Philadelphia, PA!
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day - anything covered in chocolate can be considered healthful! 
This Day in TX history
1829 Ignacio Seguín Zaragoza, Mexican general and hero of Cinco de Mayo, was born on March 24, 1829. The holiday Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in observance of his military leadership forcing the withdrawal of the French troops from Puebla to Orizaba.  For more information go to:  Texas State Historical Association
1874 Harry Houdini was born
Texas quote, “There is a freedom you can feel the closer you get to Austin – the reason is Willie Nelson”
President John thanked Ken Donoughue for volunteering to offer a prayer the lead the group with the pledges for March.
Also "Thank You" to Derek Matthys for donating books that will be given in honor of our guest speakers to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library.
Thank you everyone your valuable participation!  We still need volunteers to do the prayer and pledge for future meetings.  Membership Chair Ken Ruiz volunteered to lead the group with a prayer and pledges for April.
Freds Funnies
True story: April Fool’s Day is approaching. When I was a young accountant one of our senior accountants came in asking me to call a phone number and ask for L. E. Font. I called the number and it was the San Antonio Zoo.  I asked for L. E. Font and was told he was not available but do you want to make a donation to the San Antonio Zoo?
Club Luncheon and Business Program
Vice President Destiny introduced Evelyn Garza of the City of San Antonio. Her topic today was "Putting together disaster kits in your home." Who has a plan for evacuation?
Club Business
President John announced the next Board Meeting will be Thurs April 8 at 11 a.m. virtual via zoom. All club members are welcome to attend, however he respectfully asks non board members who wish to attend to keep their comments to a minimum. That way the meeting can better stay organized and be able to discuss all the items on the agenda within the time allowed.  It is a good idea if you have an important matter that you wish the board to consider please send an email in advance to President John:
Meeting Next Week
Next week we return to meeting in person at the Outback Steakhouse!  President John is asking board members to meet a little early, around 11:15 in order to help set up the room. This will be our first full club meeting together since the COVID social distancing over a year ago.  It promises to be exciting and we will celebrate inducting our newest member, Kenneth Black and inducting club members into the Paul Harris Fellowship!

Please don't forget - Fred Timmons is asking all Paul Harris Fellows to wear their medallions.
Last week President John, Immediate Past President Rick Tarbell and Vice President Destiny met at the Outback Steakhouse to not only conduct the Fireside Chat with Kenneth Black but also to observe how the Northwest Rotary Club conducts their meetings.  Our board has chosen to require the use of face masks except while eating. We will continue to practice social distancing protocols. The meeting will be streamed virtually through zoom.  Vice President Destiny is in charge of facilitating the broadcast. The meeting address will be the same:
District Raffle Tickets Available!
District 5840 has made a change with the foundation fundraiser this year!  The prizes are seven $1000 Frost Bank gift cards. The winning tickets will be pulled on May 8 at the Fredericksburg Rotary Club.  Past DG John Hutcherson is in charge. Tickets will be available for sale at our next meeting March 31. Tickets are "ONLY" $10 each!
Four Way Test
President Legris closed the meeting and led the club with the Four Way Test.