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Bulletin for June 12 2019
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
The meeting began with the ringing of the bell by President Fred Timmons. Joe Montagna led us in a word of prayer and the pledge. 
President Fred introduced our speaker and guests today: our speaker, Lauren Geraghty, Director of Strategic Impact Initiatives at Community in Schools of San Antonio (CISSA).
President Fred announced these upcoming club events:
  • next Coffee Friday is July 12
  • next Happy Hour is June 20
Umbrella Time
James Daniel owns the umbrella this month. Today he did not choose to use his allotted time. James' winning bid for the umbrella goes towards his Paul Harris Fellowship.  He will have the opportunity to speak during the meetings that he owns the umbrella and will be fine free!  
Volunteer Opportunity!
Ken Donoughue, Marlene Mattox and Gloria Richter are enjoying reading to the children at Locke Hill Elementary Learning Tree!  To find out more about this awesome program and to register follow this link HERE!
Humor from President Fred
National What Day 


  • National Loving Day – an annual celebration that commemorates the anniversary of the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision of Loving vs Virginia. This ruling removed laws in 16 states that had laws that banned interracial marriages.

  • National Red Rose Day – honors the flower that is the symbol of love and romance.

  • National Peanut Butter Cookie Day – It was in the early 1920s that peanut butter was found listed as an ingredient in cookies. Homemade peanut butter cookies would just not be right without the traditional forked crisscrosses on them.

  • National Jerky Day – jerky is an ideal snack. A pound of meat or poultry will weigh only about 4 ounces once it is make into jerky, can be stored for months without refrigeration since all of the moisture has been removed. Jerky has been selected by astronauts as space food several times because of its light weight and high level of nutrition.


This Day in History

  • 1924 – George W. Bush is born in Mass.
  • 1994 – Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are brutally stabbed to death outside of her home in California.
  • 2003 – Gregory Peck passes away at the age of 87. He is most well known for his 1962 film “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It is now playing on Broadway.
  • 2016 – a terrorist gunman enters the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and shoots 49 people and injuring dozens others. He was connected with ISIS.
  • 1968 – Bobby Kennedy was assassinated
  • 1934 – Walt Disney received a patent for Mickey Mouse
Pass the Hat: San Antonio Food Bank – for kids in the summer when there is not a free lunch at school.
Fines and Confessions
You'll be glad to know that our club is keeping each other honest...
Ken Donoughue confessed that he was wearing another club member's badge today: Ken Ruiz!
We were all very happy to have Rick Rhodes with us today - however he was fashionably late which led to his fine!
Rick Tarbell also was tardy so he was fined as well.
VetStrong Update:
Our club donated $500 contribution to the VetStrong program and Ramon Gonzales extended his gratitude. This organization is mostly volunteer run. They are looking for useable household goods for vets who are in need. Update! Bruce Richter and son Kris donated a small fridge and kitchen table recently. If you have any items that you feel could be useful to the program please send photos of the items to be donated to Bruce Richter. VetStrong is in need of temporary warehousing of a large amount of donated items from USAA. Club members are offering suggestions for warehousing and hopefully help will come soon!
Show Low Raffle
If you haven't yet met John Legris you're missing some fun!  John is a local attorney and the past president of the Leon Springs Rotary Club. Now a member of our club, he amazes us all with his wine acumen each week.  Today he introduced us to: Lago Cerqueira Rosé - it is a Vinho Verde and hails from Portugal.  The Doppio Passo Salento Primitivo is a full bodied red wine similar to a Cabernet or Merlot. President Fred owned the first ticket drawn and won the opportunity to draw the 2 of clubs from our dwindling deck of cards and win the $575 pot.  Unfortunately he drew the ace of spades. He donated his choice of red wine to our delighted speaker today. As luck would have it, Fred also owned the second ticket drawn. He donated the rosé to Rick Rhodes.  Now Fred tells us that he is planning on a trip to Las Vegas.....
Thank you Ken Ruiz for donating the wine for June!   By the way, Ken and his fiance are enjoying time away in Europe - have fun you two!
Club Lunch and Business Program
President Fred introduced our speaker today: Lauren Geraghty is the Director of Strategic Impact Initiatives at Community in Schools of San Antonio (CISSA).  (Our club members are already familiar with CISSA, of course, because we have given financial donations to the organization's "Stuff the Bus" annual event for several years.  CISSA itself is part of a large national organization whose mission, simply stated, is to keep AT-RISK kids in school through high school graduation.  It is (by far) the most successful agency of its type at doing exactly what it intends, and the San Antonio chapter is recognized as a model for other chapters in the organization to emulate.)
Lauren told us about the impact of a Harvard University study that was initiated more than 20 years ago.  It is called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and has enlightened the world about the overt and covert ways that we adults often influence the development of our children's mental health with insidious effect.  Lauren is a certified ACEstrainer for professionals who are engaged in children's emotional development (e.g. counselors and educators).  And the good news is that she came with a prescription for reducing, if not totally avoiding, the affect of events, including toxic stress, are typically harmful to a child's mental health. She spent a signitificant amount of time on this subject: Toxic Stress. Toxic stress can, among other things, lead to disease, disability and social/relational problems through the life course. In her literature shared with the club there was this hope: ACE Prevention: Our Powerful Legacy. ACE Prevention is the greatest opportunity for improving the well-being of human populations. Protective Systems Promote Resilience. Three protective systems interact and guide positive adaptation: 1) individual capabilities 2) attachment and belonging, and 3) community, faith, and cultural processes. These three systems are nested: people do best with they are living in flourishing families and communities.
Thank you, Lauren, for your work in this important field of childhood development. We are donating a book in your honor to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library. We would love to see you again - please visit us any time for lunch!
    Coffee Friday
    We're head over heels for Coffee Friday!  Typically the second Friday of the month. 
    We just love to chew the fat while sipping our favorite morning drinks! Why not start your morning off right with us?
    ****Please note a change in venue for the next Coffee Friday****
    Location: Broadway Daily Bread on DeZavala
    When: July 12
    Time: 8 a.m.
    Happier Hour
    It just doesn't get much happier than this!!!!  Makeup is optional....Come join us at the Outback Steakhouse - between 5:30 & 6:30?  Derek Matthys says "the earlier the better!" Come join your friends and unwind on June 20!  Typically the third Thursday of the month.
    District 5840 News
    Register today for the 2019-2020 District 5840 District Governor and Officers Installation.  This event will celebrate our outgoing District Governor, Kathy Hubbard, and install our incoming District Governor, John Hutcherson, the District Governor Elect, Xavier Toson, and the District Governor Nominee, Kristy Vandenberg.  
    Happy Hour from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. with the Induction of Officers at 6:00 p.m. 
    A dinner buffet will open at 6:15 p.m.
    At the Random Beer Garden, 11 Upper Cibolo Creek Rd, Boerne, TX
    RSVP June 25
    New Club Forming: The Passport Club! "A new, exciting and innovative approach to joining Rotary." Membership is open to any currently inactive Rotarian in District 5840. The particulars about this new club is on the District 5840 website - click HERE!
    Four Way Test
    President Fred closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
    President Fred reminds us to:
    "Bring someone to Rotary Bring a friend to rotary. we all need to eat lunch, why not enjoy it with Rotarians and learn something interesting during one of our programs."
    Graphic courtesy of Allyson Hamlin