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By Bruce Richter
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April 3
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April 23
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April 1, 1991
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Oak Hills Rotary Bulletin Apr 29 2020
Come visit us through ZOOM! Meeting Info:  Next meeting will be Wednesday May 6 - we meet informally around 11:30 to fellowship and catch up with each other.  The meeting officially begins at 12:00.
Rotarians are helping during the COVID-19 crisis!
Ken Donoughue continues to help feed during the COVID-19 pandemic in connection with the Pleasanton Rotary Club.  Last week they fed about 125 and will also feed tomorrow. Serving in 7 sites in and around Pleasanton.
Joe Roth of the Westin Rotary Club visited our zoom meeting today. He said his club has held a fundraiser, "Feeding the Frontline", used to support local small restaurants. Over 100 families were fed the past week -  also local hospital lunches for 450 first responders and support staff. This helps local businesses stay in business. He invited us to visit the Rotary Club of Westin facebook page. 
Prayer and Pledge
President Rick Tarbell opened the meeting and led us with a word of prayer and the pledges. 
Missing Club Members
Allyson Hamlin was not able to join us today because of work.
Brenda Jackson's professional medical duties are preventing her from attending our regular meetings. She is an essential worker with the COVID 19 crisis. We miss you Brenda and hope to see you soon!
Bruce and Gloria Richter have been unable to attend due to Gloria's health issues. We send out our very best to you both and hope to see you again soon!
President Rick Tarbell announced the Rotary Responds Telethon will be this Saturday May 2 on the Rotary International facebook page. The goal is to raise $1 million dollars. Read more about it - click HERE!
Treasurer Stuart Dudley said that he received thank you notes from the organizations we recently helped during this time of crisis.
Past President Fred Timmons has received several scholarship applications.  The scholarship committee will soon set up virtual interviews.
President Rick announced these special days:
National Days
Denim Day
Shrimp Scampi Day
This Day in History
1945 Adolph Hitler married Eva Braun
2004 Last Oldsmobile rolled off the line
Humor from Past President Fred Timmons
Interesting Wine Facts by President Elect John Legris
President Elect John share interesting wine info from his Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know book. He talked about some wine that he and his wife enjoy called Dynamite, a 2015 Merlot from Sonoma County. Rick Rhodes tried to bid it and John declined.
Club Lunch and Business Program 
Angie Mock is our guest speaker today. She is the CEO of Boys and Girls Club since 2011. They serve over 9000 youths ages 6 to 18 and there are 47 after school programs. Angie said that their app, Club on the Go, allows them to stay touch with the youths during this time. The Club has a long standing relationship with the San Antonio Food Bank. They provide customized care packages for the youths including snacks, STEM activities, and gift cards. They offer virtual programming and use videos to connect with the kids to help them with their academics. It does not replace the direct contact with the kids due to the need to see the lifestyle. There is online homework assistance. They are looking to open June 1st. There is a 1:10 leader to student ratio.  When the kids come back they'll need help more than ever. Many times the kids are safer at the club than they are at home. She invited our club to take a tour of the campus.
Missing Pins or Badges
It's been a challenge for some of us to wear our pins for the meetings. Heck, we're just happy to be able to find the zoom meeting. 
Maverick Pascal visited our meeting today and we are happy that he has and interest in joining our club and has submitted an application. Maverick said that he's looking forward to "giving back" and helping in the area of youths.
Confessions and Brags
Ken Ruiz bragged that he is blessed to take night walks with his mom. 
Program for Next Week
Dr. Matthew Krause Occupational Therapist - will share information with us about the coronavirus. 
District Cruise Raffle
Cruise Raffle this weekend in Fredericksburg. Ken Donoughue encouraged all who have sold tickets to get them to him so they can be included in the drawing.
Speakers for May
President Elect John Legris also Chair of the Speaker Committee shared with us the scheduled speakers for May: 
May 6: Dr. Matthew Kraus, OT. Will speak about Occupational Therapy and also commenting on staying healthy in this time of corona virus.
May 13: Julius Hunter, MA  Recreation Supervisor with the Frank-Garrett Multi Service Service Center on the near West side of San Antonio. His program provides a full range of programming for youth and adults. He will speak about his program and also about the efforts it has made to help out the community at this time of corona virus. 
May 20:  Pat Whitty, President Elect of the Dominion Rotary Club. (210) 744-8999. Mr Whitty is currently a Health and Life Transition Coach who focuses on Seniors. 
May 27: Karen Ryan of Ransomed Life
Wine, Umbrella, Show Low Pot Oh My!
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and not being able to meet in person we've had to adapt.  This week we did not have the Show Low Drawing, the Wine Review or the Umbrella.  We hope to add these to our meetings as soon as possible.
District 5840 News
2020 Cruise Raffle Drawing
Rotarian McKenzie Moellering from the Rotary Club of Fredericksburg was the buyer and seller of the winning ticket!  The fundraiser contributed $48, 930 to the humanarian programs of Rotary! Wow!  That's a LOT of $10 tickets sold, wouldn't you say?
It truly is amazing at the good work that Rotary has been doing locally during the coronavirus crisis and the social distancing we've had to maintain! Please take a minute and go to the District 5840 website:
May 16 is Club Leadership Training - will be done virtually. CLT is where club officers and emerging leaders can learn more about what Rotary has to offer. If you are an incoming Club President, Club Secretary, or chair of Membership, RI Foundation, if you are interested in Grants Management or Strategic Planning for your club, Club Leadership Training is for you. Click HERE to register.  
Four Way Test
President Rick led the club in saying the Four Way Test.
President Rick again challenged us with: "Who have you invited to Rotary?"