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OHRC 30th Anniversary Gold Raffle!
Bulletin for July 24 2019
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
This week's meeting demonstrated the many talents of our club members!  Due to different situations, several of our regulars, including President Rick Tarbell, Treasurer Stuart Dudley and Secretary Mary Denton were unable to attend this week's meeting.  Thanks to our multi talented club members including Ken Donoughue who presided over the meeting, Bruce Richter who attended to secretarial duties, and Destiny Mujica who took pictures for this bulletin! 
Ken Donoughue gamely and expertly presided over the meeting in President Rick Tarbell's absence. Ken opened the meeting with a prayer and the pledge.  John Legris introduced our speaker today: JudyAnn Armijo with the Social and Health Research Center. Destiny Mujica invited JudyAnn to speak to our club. Also with us as our guest: C. J. Gilvens - Representative of SPURS Ticket Sales Office! Our club treated both speaker and guest to lunch.
National Day & Today in History
Ken Donoughue went through various National Days. The only one of which was stuck with the membership was that it was national Tequila Day. He then went through approximately 21 of examples of On this Day.
C. J. Gilvens of the SPURS was our surprise guest!  He spoke about how to get blocks of tickets for SPURS games. 
Destiny Mujica announced that her future baby Rotarian will be a girl - everyone cheered with the news!
Pass the Hat
Today's pass the hat donations go to Earn-A-Bike.
Lunch and Business Program
John Legris did an excellent job of introducing our speaker for the day, JudyAnn Armijo, who had been brought to us by Destiny. Brenda Jackson knew of her and added her explanation of several of the speaker's points which added measurably to our understanding of the subject. JudyAnn was born and raised in San Antonio. She attended Burbank High School and played women's softball and won an athletic scholarship to the University of the Incarnate Word where she participated in Div II Collegiate Softball for 4 years. In college she "found a passion for health and wellness." She is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership to further her knowledge in research. Her topic today was the lifestyle impact of diabetes. JudyAnn pointed out that children have a better chance of avoiding the complications of diabetes if they are active and eat a properly balanced diet. She discussed the importance of educating children about diabetes so they can talk to their parents and grandparents about proper diets. She has observed that the local grocery chain, HEB, on the far west and south sides of San Antonio frequently do not have fresh fruits and vegetables due to the short shelf life. She has also noticed that most Hispanics feel spending money on fresh fruits and vegetables as a waste of money. 
Club members discussed our club's support of the West Side Girl Scout Leadership Daisy Pantry and how we have to buy from the listing they give us, rather than more healthful food. We agreed this Girl Scout location might be a good target for her organization to provide food education.  It was a very informative and interesting presentation.
Roger Thompson graciously donated books to be used for our donations to the Locke Hill Elementary School in honor of our speakers. 
JudyAnn showed interest in learning more about Rotary. We lost no time in sharing information about Rotary for her to take home. She appears to be a good candidate for club membership.
As is our tradition we will donate a book in honor of our speaker to the Locke Hill Elementary School library.
    Umbrella Time
    Ken Ruiz used his umbrella time to explain to our two visitors what Rotary does, ending in a status report of the progress of our annual fund raiser: Our 30th Annual Gold Raffle. Ken said that he has all but 50 of the printed 300 tickets farmed out to our membership and they are in the process of "MOVING THEM."
    Ken owns the umbrella this month. His donation goes towards his Paul Harris Fellowship and he is fine free during the month he owns the umbrella!
    Volunteer Opportunity!
    Volunteer opportunities at Locke Hill Elementary Learning Tree will continue when school is back in session!  To find out more about this awesome program and to register follow this link HERE!

    Fines and Confessions
    We had one fine for a missing pin, but Bruce couldn't see who it was.
    Gold Raffle Ticket Update
    There may still be a few tickets left - please contact Ken Ruiz!
    Show Low Raffle
    John Legris did his usual excellent job of explaining the wines selected for today. Bruce Richter owned the Show Low number to get the chance to win the $800 pot - unfortunately he drew the jack of spades. As we always say, "There are no losers at Oak Hills Rotary" so as a consolation prize he took home the red wine.  Joe Montagna owned the second ticket drawn and took home the white wine.
    Coffee Friday
    Broadway Daily Bread is where we are planning to meet for coffee this month. Parking is very limited in front - last month we scored parking spots due to Clark High School not in session. We will live dangerously and take our chances this month!!!! The baked treats are worth the risk.... We usually meet the second Saturday of the month.
    Next Coffee Friday:
    Location: Broadway Daily Bread on DeZavala
    When: August 9
    Time: 8 a.m.
    Happier Hour
    "Where everyone knows your name"......Come join us at the Outback Steakhouse - between 5:30 & 6:30?  Derek Matthys says "the earlier the better!" Come join your friends and unwind on Aug 15!  Typically the third Thursday of the month.
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    District 5840 News
    Rotary Leadership Institute
    Registration is now open for Rotary Leadership Institute September 14th!  Who should attend?  Everyone!  Just ask Ken Donoughue, James Daniel, Ken Ruiz and Mary Denton to find out what RLI means to them!    To register click HERE!
    Council on Legislation Announces Changes
    The Rotary International Council on Legislation (COL) has released their 2019 document that lists the changes for Clubs and Districts.   To read the COL document, click here.
    President's Citation
    Read the 2019-2020 Rotary Citation for Rotary Clubs, click here.
    Four Way Test
    Ken Donoughue closed the meeting and led the members with the Four Way Test.
    Don't forget!
    "Bring a friend to Rotary. We all need to eat lunch, why not enjoy it with Rotarians and learn something interesting during one of our programs?"
    Graphic courtesy of Allyson Hamlin