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Bulletin for April 3 2019
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
The meeting began with the ringing of the bell by President Fred Timmons. Ken Ruiz led us in a word of prayer and the pledge.  President Fred introduced our speaker today: Stephanie Macchia who is a member of the Alamo Heights Rotary Club. Thank you for visiting our Club today! We would love to see you again soon!
President Fred urged us to finish selling tickets for the cruise raffle tickets. Drawing is May 4.
President Fred announced that Coffee Friday is April 12 again at Einstein Bagel on DeZavala Rd. at 8:00 am. The most delightful people gather here....
President Fred was happy to announce that the true Happy Hour is Thursday April 18!!!!  at the Outback Steakhouse around 6:30 pm.
Humor from President Fred
President Fred still has his sense of humor even during tax season:
What do porcupines make when they kiss?  "Ouch, ouch."
What language do pigs speak? Swine language
What do cars and elephants have in common? They both have trunks.
What is a whale's favorite candy? Blubber gum.
What is a bat's motto? Hang in there.
What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a frog? A bunny ribbit.
Why did the parakeet go to the candy store? To get a tweet.
What do you have if you dog can't bark? A hush-puppy.
Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels.
National What Day 
  • World Party Day – the whole world should celebrate in a Party.
  • National Walking Day – sponsored by National Heart Assoc
  • National Find a Rainbow Day – many feel that rainbows are a sign of beauty, hope and promise
  • National Film Score Day
  • Childhelp National Day of Hope – everyone is asked to make a life-long commitment to join the fight to end child abuse and neglect – April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • National Tweed Day – tweed fabric originated in Scotland
  • National Chocolate Mousse Day – celebration of the decadent dessert that gained popularity in France in the 1800s
This Day in History
1860 – The Pony Express began – helped connect California to the rest of the states. 1974 – 148 tornadoes hit the U. S. heartland within 16 hours killing 330 people.
At one moment, there were 15 separate tornadoes touching the ground.
Pass the Hat
Today's Pass the Hat benefits Kinetic Kids
Show Low Raffle
We are learning that John Legris is never at a loss for words when it comes to wine! John shared with us that Llano Estacado means: palisade plains. Ask Gloria Richter for more information on this area of Texas. Today's offerings were from the vineyards of Llano Estacado and were a Shiraz and a Pinot Grigio.
President Fred won the opportunity to draw the 2 of Clubs to win the $325 pot. He drew the 9 of diamonds and generously donated the Pinot Grigio to our speaker.

Ken Ruiz owned the second ticket and took home the bottle of Shiraz.
Thank you Derek Matthys for supplying the wine this month!
Bruce Richter shared a bit about his time in Lubbock while attending Texas Tech University. Since Lubbock is a dry county, Bruce seized the opportunity as an entrepreneur to facilitate refreshment to those who wished to partake.
Folks, if you're not attending these meetings you're really missing out......
Fines and Confessions
Joe Montagna confessed that he was missing his pin so he owed a fine.
Ken Ruiz, who recently attended Rotary Leadership Institute, paid a happy dollar because he enjoyed meeting our speaker, Stephanie Macchia during his training at the institute! 
By the way, registration is now open for Rotary Leadership Institute - May 18 at Spring Creek United Methodist Church in Fair Oaks Ranch.  Follow this link to learn more: RLI
Umbrella Time
Derek Matthys owns the umbrella and graciously shared his time to speak to others at the meeting. Derek remains fine free during the time he owns the umbrella!
Ken Donoughue reported that Marlene Mattox and Gloria Richter have jumped on board to read to the children at Locke Hills Elementary's Learning Tree!  To find out more about this program and to register follow this link:  The Learning Tree
Ken shared with us that NISD Storyfest 2019 will be on May 18 from Noon til 3 p.m. at Pat Neff Middle School, 5227 Evers Rd. 78238. It promises to be a day of fun activities including a visit from author Jonathan Auxier as well as some local authors!
Thank you Ken for sharing these great ways to give back to the community while helping children learn to love to read! 
Membership Dues will Increase
President Fred reminded us that our membership dues will increase to $175.  The OHRC Board of Directors discussed our membership dues and because they have been the same for over 10 years, the board approved a $25 increase to $175 effective July 1, 2019.  If you have any comments, please contact President Fred Timmons.
Club Lunch and Business Program
Our speaker today was Stephanie Macchia of the Alamo Heights Rotary Club.  Stephanie is a product of The Rotary Foundation's Group Study Exchange program. She has served in various areas of leadership within Rotary including Team Member representing District 5840 for the exchange with District 3460 in Taiwan. Further, she served as president for the Alamo Heights Rotary Club. She was the first woman elected as District Governor in District 5840. She has served in many other areas of leadership in our district such as Lone Star Rotary PETS, Rotary Leadership Institute and the Rotary Foundation just to name a few. She is the District Chair for Human Trafficking Initiative. She spoke to us about the heartbreaking epidemic of human trafficking. She shared a video with us about women who were interviewed and each shared their experiences. Victims of these crimes feel useless, meaningless, hopeless and suicidal. They have a higher rate of suffering from PTSD than troops that have been in combat. Shockingly, one in four children are slaves in this crime. Rotary's mission is to bring an end to this slavery of human beings. It is stoppable and can be eradicated by the Power of One
  1. Pay attention to the people in your community, your surroundings, and report red flag behaviors.
  2. Don't wait to call. Make your report timely. Those moments matter.
  3. Don't approach traffickers yourself. That can place you, the victim and any future prosecution in danger.
  4. If the conduct you observe is an emergency, call 911 and tell them you believe that you have observed human trafficking.  Don't worry about being wrong. Your call may be the one that saves a life.
  5. If it not an emergency or you need to remain anonymous, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888.
  6. Provide "actionable information": 
  • Descriptions of cars: make, model, color, license plate.
  • Descriptions of people: height, weight, hair color, age, eye color.
  • Specific times, dates and locations: when and where you saw the conduct.
  • Take a picture if you can safely do so.
To learn more visit this website:  BeTheOne
Download the Mobile app: TraffickCam
Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas Initiatives on Human Trafficking
    New Member Proposal
    At its March 21, 2019 meeting, the OHRC Board approved the application of Matthew Sheehan, Associated Director of Campus Operations at Galen College for membership.  Matt would have the classification of Asst Director of College Campus Operations. If any OHRC member knows why Matt should not be admitted into OHRC membership, please advise President Fred Timmons within two weeks of this notice. 
    Cruise Raffle Tickets
    President Fred reminded us to continue selling the last of your tickets for the cruise raffle!  Ken Ruiz has jumped on board to sell the remaining unsold tickets! Thank you Ken! Drawing is May 4.
    Coffee Friday
    Early birds rejoice!  Coffee Friday will again be meeting at Einstein Bagels.  Come for the coffee and bagels and other treats and stay for the riveting conversation and camaraderie!
    Location: Einstein Bagels on DeZavala
    When: Friday April 12
    Time: 8 a.m.
    Happier Hour
    The Outback Steakhouse is the new place for libations and munchies - typically the third Thursday of the month. Come join your friends and unwind on April 18!
    District 5840 News
    Did you know that there's a full calendar of events in District 5840?  Being an active Rotarian is never boring!
    Don't miss out!  For more information on these and tons of other events going on in District 5840, visit the official website HERE!
    Here are just a few of the things happening around our District:
    April 12     33rd Annual Alamo Heights Night at UIW 
    April 18     Dominion Rotary Foundation Clay Shoot for Hope Fundraiser
    May 3        District Conference at the Embassy Suites on 5618 Landmark Pkwy 
    May 18      Rotary Leadership Institute - registration is now open!
    Goals of Oak Hills Rotary Club
    By Bruce Richter
    Four Way Test
    Ken Ruiz closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
    As always, President Fred challenged us with this:
    "Bring someone to Rotary Bring a friend to rotary. we all need to eat lunch, why not enjoy it with Rotarians and learn something interesting during one of our programs."