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By Bruce Richter
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Destiny Mujica
March 4
Glenda Spears
March 10
Rick Tarbell
March 26
Rick Rhodes
March 19
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Kenneth Ruiz
March 1, 1988
32 years
Rick Tarbell
March 15, 1993
27 years
James Daniel
March 28, 2014
6 years
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Oak Hills Rotary Bulletin Mar 4 2020
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
Vice President John Legris opened the meeting with the ringing of the bell. Ken Donoughue led us with a word of prayer and the pledges. 
Club Lunch and Business Meeting
Today we had a very special off site meeting at Hallmark University campus located at 10401 IH 10 West. Today's meeting was made possible by Brenda Jackson who sits on the university's Nursing Advisory Committee.  Brenda says Hallmark University has a special place in her heart because the university's mission and vision is similar to Rotary. Brenda introduced our speaker, Dr. Gabriel Oluwakotanmi, Dean of Nursing at Hallmark University. Dr O was the keynote speaker for the 2019 World Nursing Conference in London, England.  If you weren't able to attend the meeting please click HERE - he is very interesting and you will be able to learn about what the nursing community, through Dr. O and his program, is striving to achieve throughout the world. Dr. O was also the keynote speaker at the 2018 World Nursing Conference in Rome.
Dr. O explained that nursing is the largest profession internationally. There is currently a severe nursing shortage - needing 17K in Texas and 10K in San Antonio. One of the reasons given is because nurses must adhere to a higher standard than other professions. He described nursing as not disease focused; rather it is focused on people in the community. 
These are just some of the top threats to global health:
  • Air pollution & climate change
  • Global influenza pandemic
  • Fragile and vulnerable settings
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Ebola and other high threat pathogens
Dr. O strongly recommended handwashing with soap and water for 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Thank you Dr. O for your timely and informative presentation today!  In your honor we will donate a book to the Locke Hill Elementary School.
Our thanks to Gloria Richter for donating books for the month of March.  She has chosen books that focus on the American Indians.
Humor by Past President Fred Timmons
I've sure gotten old!
I have outlived my feet and my teeth,
I've had two bypass surgeries, a hip replacement,
New knees,
Fought prostate cancer and diabetes
I'm half blind,
Can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, 
Take 40 different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts.
Have bouts with dementia.
Have poor circulation;
Hardly feel my hands and feet anymore.
Can't remember if I'm 85 or 92.
Have lost all my friends.
But, thank God, I still have my driver's license!
Club Announcements
Even though our meeting was away from our usual meeting place, Outback Steakhouse, our intrepid President Rick did not want us to go hungry! Our delicious lunch today was from Broadway Daily Bread. President Rick planned, ordered and delivered the delicious lunches!  Thanks Rick!
Rotary Minute
Bruce Richter shared an interesting article in the March edition of the Rotary Magazine about Bob Quinn, "Scientist, Farmer, Innovator, Rotarian"
Bob has a PhD in plant-biochemistry from the University of California - Davis. He is a 3rd generation dry-land farmer and owns a 4,000 acre family farm in Northern Montana. He is a member of Big Sandy Rotary where his father was a founding member. His acreage is organic - no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizer. Bob's business philosophy: "I measure the success of my business by the degree to which its added economic. ecological, and nutritional value along the supply chain."  Click HERE to read more!
Notice of Member Candidates
In accordance with our Club Bylaws, new member candidates must be published for two weeks giving our membership notice.  At its February 27 2020 meeting, the OHRC Board approved the applications of the following two candidates:  President Rick Tarbell is proposing R. Rene Escobedo for membership.  Rene is a long time business attorney. He has a relationship with other attorneys who are former District Governors.
Veronica Ruse is proposing Afrika Ray for membership. Veronica and Afrika are acquainted through work at USAA.  Afrika is currently a bank director. She and her team aid business partners in an effort to simplify processes that will help provide customers with a world class experience. 
If any OHRC member knows why Rene or Afrika should not be admitted into OHRC membership, please advise President Rick Tarbell within two weeks of this notice.
Coffee Friday
Coffee get together is on the second Friday of the month - next one will be March 13 at 8:00 am at Einstein Bagels on DeZavala Rd.
Happy Hour
Happy Hour is every third Thursday of the month - next one will be March 19 at 5 pm at the Flying Saucer on Huebner Rd.
This Day in History
1791 Vermont was admitted to the union, being the 14th state
1793 George Washington was inaugurated for the second time
1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 22nd President of the United States. You might remember that he was stricken with poliomyelitis which causes polio.
National What Day
National Marching Music Day
National Grammar Day
National Hug a GI Day
National Pound Cake Day
Pass the Hat today goes to the Girl Scouts
Since we had an off site meeting and a full program we did not have Brags and Confessions, Show Low Drawing or Umbrella Time.
District 5840 News
Rotary Day SA 2020
Inviting all San Antonio area Rotarians to the 3rd annual on Saturday, March 21, 2020! Join your fellow Rotarians as we come together to make a huge impact in the community. Interact, Rotaract and children 10 and older are welcomed! We will be working at both  Elmendorf Lake Park and Martinez Park - doing gardening, litter removal, painting and playground mulching. We are seeking 250 volunteers for Rotary Day SA 2020. Contact to sign-up.
For more information click HERE!
Tickets are still available at our weekly meetings to sell and win a cruise!  Chance to win at the low low price of $10!  The proceeds benefit the District Foundation.  Both winner and seller win a cruise for 2!!! Winners are announced at the District Conference.
March 22 is World Water Day. You may make a donation to the Rotary Foundation whose projects bring sustainable change to communities by funding water, sanitation, and hygiene education projects.  Donate by going to
Find out even more about all the many good things that Rotary Foundation does - click HERE!
Rejuvenating Rotary - RI President Elect Holger Knaack has some interesting insights about the future of Rotary! Click HERE to find out his thoughts
For even more news around our district and volunteer opportunities be sure to visit the Home Page for District 5840 Click HERE!
Vice President John Legris closed the meeting by leading us in the Four Way Test.