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By Bruce Richter
Please come and visit "The Friendliest Club in District 5840!"
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Bulletin for May 8 2019
Prayer, Pledge and Visitors
The meeting began with the ringing of the bell by President Elect Rick Tarbell who also led us in a word of prayer and the pledge.  President Elect Rick introduced our speaker and guests: our speaker was Command Sergeant Major Terry L. Braddock (US Army, retired) and his wife Kathleen Braddock. Also joining us were Sara Phillips of Blessings in a Backpack, Tito Torralba who is an insurance agent with State Farm and was a guest of President Elect Rick Tarbell and club prospect Matt Sheehan.
President Fred took us through our calendar of events
  • Happy Hour is Thursday, May 16
  • Rotary Leadership Institute is May 18
  • NISD Storyfest is May 18
Rotary District 5840 Conference was Saturday and we had several members who attended: President Fred Timmons, President Elect Rick Tarbell, Treasurer Stuart Dudley, Ken Donoughue and Secretary Mary Denton. We met a lot of great Rotarians and learned a lot to help our club grow and will be bringing new ideas to the club! Here's a picture of Fred & Mary with outgoing District Governor Kathy Hubbard and one with incoming DG John R. Hutcherson!
Look for more pics in future bulletins!
National Days
President Elect Rick Tarbell shared these National Days:
  • National Receptionists Day
  • National Nurses Day
Fines and Confessions
Stuart Dudley's phone rang during the meeting so unfortunately he incurred a fine.
Derek Matthys good naturedly called out Rick Tarbell for not using the proper title for our speaker, Command Sergeant Major Terry Braddock. So he paid a fine.
Bruce Richter bragged that he celebrated another birthday - 79 years young - with family at a vineyard. How appropriate! They celebrated in high style!
Pass the hat goes to Kinetic Kids.
Umbrella Time
After a spirited umbrella auction James Daniel won the umbrella!  He took the opportunity to share with us that he and his lovely wife Eleanor are going through the process to adopt a child! We are happy that you shared your good news with us!
Umbrella auction fees contribute towards James' Paul Harris Fellowship.  He will have the opportunity to speak during the meetings that he owns the umbrella and will be fine free! 
Ken Donoughue has been sharing that he, Marlene Mattox and Gloria Richter are enjoying reading to the children at Locke Hills Elementary's Learning Tree!  To find out more about this program and to register follow this link:  The Learning Tree
Also don't forget that NISD Storyfest 2019 is May 18 from Noon til 3 p.m. at Pat Neff Middle School, 5227 Evers Rd. 78238. It promises to be a day of fun activities including a visit from author Jonathan Auxier as well as some local authors!
Show Low Raffle
 We're so happy that John Legris is able to educate us about wine!  Today's selections were 2 wines from Germany: Riesling Auslese and Riesling Kabinett and Cupcake Red Velvet. James won the opportunity to draw the 2 of clubs from the deck to win the $450 pot. He drew the queen of diamonds and felt like a winner when he took home the Riesling Auslese. Joe Montagna owned the second ticket drawn and chose the Cupcake Red Velvet.
Wine for May is courtesy of Derek Mathys. 
Club Lunch and Business Program
Command Sergeant Major Terry L. Braddock (US Army, retired) grew up on the South Side of Chicago during the turbulent and challenging civil rights years. Parents and grandparents instilled in him strong family values and gave him the strength, will and love to persevere. Experiences, both good and bad helped shape him and he chose to courageously take the higher road. He opened his presentation by saying, "If you could save a life would you do it? You may have to give up your life to save another." At 3 years old he witnessed his biological father beating his mother. He became a very angry kid. A bully at school taunted Terry so he fought back and seriously injured the child. Ultimately Terry was expelled and his family moved to a "worse neighborhood." This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He met Ms. Hannaberry, a white woman, a long time resident whose calling was to help kids get out of the poverty stricken and seemingly hopeless southside. Through her and people like her greatly influenced him. "You have a choice", says Terry. "Any and everything is possible." "How bad do you want it?" The word "no" means nothing to him - his intellect controls his choices. He says that America needs to get back to family values. We're accepting less from our children - they're not learning that standards such as integrity are very important. Kathleen, his wife, joined him at our meeting today who he often fondly refers to as "the First Lady."
Thank you for your service Major Braddock! We appreciate you coming and speaking to our club and sharing your inspiring story. To read more about Terry's story and find his speaking schedule, visit his website HERE!  You also may purchase his book, The Stump: My Way out of Chicago's South Side through his website.
    Blessings in a Backpack
    Today we presented our contribution benefitting Blessings in a Backpack. Sara Phillips explained that this program provides meals for children during weekends and holidays when they may go without food. Hungry children tend to have trouble learning, have discipline issues and not be as productive. This program helps with that. We have been long time supporters of this program.  As Bruce Richter said, this is a well run organization and we don't want to mess it up!
    Coffee Friday
    Why drink (coffee) alone when you can pal around with your friends?? Typically the second Friday of the month. We welcome your input!  Is there a day/time better for you? PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!!!!
    Location: Einstein Bagels on DeZavala
    Next Time: June 14
    Time: 8 a.m.
    Happier Hour
    The Outback Steakhouse is the new place for libations and munchies - typically the third Thursday of the month. Meeting time seems to be a moving target - between 5:30 & 6:30?  Come join your friends and unwind on May 16!
    District 5840 News
    Rotary District 5840 has many exciting events coming up!  For more information on these and tons of other events going on visit the official website HERE!
    Here are just a few of the things happening around our District:
    May 17      Greater San Marcos Rotary Club Golf Tournament
    May 18      Rotary Leadership Institute - registration is now open!
    Four Way Test
    President Elect Rick closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
    President Fred reminds us to:
    "Bring someone to Rotary Bring a friend to rotary. we all need to eat lunch, why not enjoy it with Rotarians and learn something interesting during one of our programs."