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Rotary August Theme: Membership and New Club Development
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By Bruce Richter
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Oak Hills Rotary Bulletin Sept 2 2020
Club Meeting
The meeting began by President John Legris and with the ringing of the bell by Bruce Richter. Ken Donoughue opened the meeting with a word of prayer and led the club with the pledges.
Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you to all who have volunteered so far to donate books and to lead the club with a prayer and the pledges!  There are still openings to contribute to our weekly meetings.  Secretary Mary Denton will sent the sign up sheet for books & prayer pledge. When we begin meeting in person we will need volunteers to donate bottles of wine for the ever popular Show Low Drawing.
Raise Your Hand!
Bruce Richter recommend that we volunteer with Meals on Wheels- Bruce will check details.
5840 District Secretary Jo Ann Browne asked Secretary Mary if our club would be interested in joining the NW Rotary Club when they volunteer at the Food Bank. Mary will follow up and let the club know more details.
Barry Abrams delivered his books donation to Mary Denton’s office that we will use to honor our speakers in September.
President John acknowledged our guest speaker, Fox News Meteorologist Alex Garcia.
Also visiting us today was Erica Myrick with North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Erica is scheduled to speak to our club soon. Thank you Erica for visiting our club today!
President John announced the Sept Birthdays & Anniversaries.
National Days
National Blueberry Popsicle Day
National Victory over Japan Day
1945 Vietnam declared independence from France
1948 Terry Bradshaw birthday-1st quarterback to win 4 Super Bowls
1948 Christa McAuliff – first civilian astronaut – Challenger spacecraft
Fred’s Funnies
New virus has been diagnosed on our computers – “Nile Virus type C” -  even the most advanced virus detection programs can’t control.
Causes you to send the same email twice
You might even send blank emails
Then there are the emails sent to wrong person
Sometimes you forget the attachment
This virus causes you to delete when you want to send
It also causes you to send when you want delete
The “Nile Virus Type C” is better known as “C Nile Virus” (Senile, get it?) Then there’s the “D-Nile Virus”.
Bruce Richter, President John Legris & Secretary Mary Denton want to re-institute our Coffee Friday. This Friday at 9 am zoom coffee!!  Bring your own bagel & favorite brew!
Governor Xavier Toson visited 6-7 clubs this past Saturday. Boerne-Sunrise, Fred, OHRC. President John said that it was well attended by our own club – we had 5 of our members in attendance!  Governor Xavier discussed Rotary International President Holger Knaack's initiatives. Priorities include developing different types of Rotary clubs – a military Rotary club, a Latinix club for example.  To encourage more clubs to establish satellite clubs and more Rotaract clubs. Further, to hold a strategic meeting during the year. Each club should consider increasing support of Polio Plus – End Polio day is Oct 22. Polio survivors will present. District Governor Nominating Chair Kathy Hubbard will help establish new clubs including the e-club. Governor Xavier talked how different clubs have adapted by using zoom. Rotary clubs which survive are those that enable the hybrid of meeting in person and also to stream the meetings. He encouraged clubs to meet with other clubs in area and the world. He encouraged clubs to increase applications for District Grant.  He wants clubs to increase their support for Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation. 
President John noted that Governor Xavier is very articulate and inspiring. Polio Plus Chair Charlie Wasser also spoke and gave us updates.
Bruce Richter recommended a joint meeting with the Mexico Club - Nuevo Rosita which we are participating in the water project.
Oak Hills Rotary Board Meeting
The first board meeting of the year will be Thurs Sept 10 at 11 am. This will be a zoom meeting.
Club Lunch and Business Program
Vice President Destiny Mujica introduced guest speaker Alex Garcia – Chief meteorologist with Fox at 9. Alex holds several degrees including BS & MA in education. Alex has been awarded the American Meteorologist Society Seal of Approval. Interestingly he was an instructor for Vice President Destiny while she was a student at the University of the Incarnate Word.
Alex spoke to us today about a most timely topic:  Hurricanes!  Hurricanes have been documented from the days of Christopher Columbus.
Texas is no stranger to being hit by devastating storms. Here are just a few that have devastated the region:
1875 the devastating storm of Indianola, near port Lavaca.
1900 Galveston storm, (known regionally as "The Great Storm of 1900" per Wikipedia) - Alex shared that Isaac Kline knew something was coming – he didn’t have a way to tell people that it was approaching.
Hurricane Carla caused the biggest evacuation on the Texas Coast in 1961 with gusts up to 175 MPH. As a child, Alex and his family lived in Galveston at the time and he spoke of their experience.  
Technology wasn’t like it is today - there was very limited radar.
Gulf waters is warmer than before which causes the storms to intensify and adds fuel to the system.
These days, due to global warming and warmer waters, storms are continuing to intensify when they hit land whereas before storms to die down when they hit landfall.
Alex predicted a La Nina this year – dry trend beginning- we have a drought.
After the storms this season Alex predicts heavy flooding.
Here is the link shared by Alex and more fully explains how hurricanes have affected Texas:
Thank you Alex for taking the time to speak to our club! As is our tradition we will donate a book in your honor to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library. We invite you to join us for lunch at the Outback Steakhouse when we start meeting in person!
Next Week
Special presentation next week by Kendall Robotics!  We always look forward to seeing friend of our club, Kathleen Gately, and the robotic engineers.
Thank you Past President Rick Tarbell for recommending the speakers for Sept and for Vice President Destiny Mujica for organizing.
Gold Raffle Update!
Reminding everyone to pick up raffle tickets at Treasurer Fred Timmons office - call or email first please.
We have only 2 months to get the tickets sold. Raffle will be virtual Oct 28 and Mini dealership on IH 10 will host.
Coffee Friday
Rotary coffee this Friday at 9 am virtually on zoom.
Bruce Richter will make short presentation on "Four things you can do with Starbucks hand warming material."
Board Meeting
Board meeting Thurs Aug 10 at 11 am.
Featured Wines 
President Legris focused on white wine this week, Chardonnay which is a drier wine. His wine authority, Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know has really come in handy! White wines come in incredible varsities. Cool climates tend to lend fruity flavors. In other parts where the grapes are grown,  burgundy has warmer fruit flavors.
Today's featured wine was Robert Mondavi Bourbon Barrel aged Chardonnay. In the interest of research John and wife will be testing this wine this week.
Four Way Test
President Legris closed the meeting and led the club with the Four Way Test.  Bruce Richter rang the bell to end the meeting.