Missing Pins and Badges
Joe Montagna and Destiny Mujica were missing their pins so they paid a fine.
Roger Thompson said that a sure conversation starter is "wanna see where they put my cath?" Thankfully his was near his wrist! He recently had a heart cath - no stint was needed.
Gloria Richter reports that "Mighty Madison Martinez, baby woman of America" is enjoying college.  She can't wait to begin her practice as a nurse.
Brenda Jackson said that she has missed Rotary for two weeks because she has been home supervising home repairs. She also reports that last week she and husband Charles celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary! Their son is a member of the downtown Rotary and he celebrated his birthday recently.  Their other son is visiting in Atlanta over the holiday.
Gold Raffle Ticket Update
Don't forget - the Gold Raffle will be October 23!  Be sure to sell all your tickets and see if Ken Ruiz has more for you to sell!