Missing Pins and Badges
John Legris' phone went off so he paid a fine.
Destiny Mujica and Veronica Ruse were missing their pins so they each paid a fine.
Confessions and Brags
Bil Trodlier and his lovely wife Linda returned from a recent cruise to Canada. They also traveled to New York and Maine. Bil said he had never seen so many people as were in Times Square! They also visited the 9-11 memorial. 
Allyson Hamlin paid a happy $5 fine - she was *a star* on live TV - RFTV on behalf of Farmers Bank! Also, she and hubby Richard celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary.
Veronica Ruse shared that her parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!
Gold Raffle Ticket Update
Don't forget - the Gold Raffle will be October 23!  Be sure to sell all your tickets and see if Ken Ruiz has more for you to sell!