Missing Pins and Badges
Rick Rhodes' phone went off so he paid a fine.
Confessions and Brags
Destiny Mujica paid a happy $5! She is currently enrolled in her 4 year PhD program. This summer she took her comprehensive exam.  She completed the exam and passed with flying colors!  She is now a PhD candidate!  
Gold Raffle Ticket Update
Fred Timmons reports that ticket sales are going "pretty good."  Be sure that money is turned in with all tickets. "Be sure to send a thank you note to everyone who purchases a ticket from you."  Also, this is the first year that the club has accepted credit cards for raffle purchases. 
ADG Jackie Parsons announced that she has a potential donor for beer and wine for the Gold Raffle! We are super excited about that!
A big THANK YOU to Treasurer Stuart Dudley for accepting and processing the credit cards!