Vice President John Legris introduced our speaker, Kent Miller who is a member of the Northwest Rotary Club of Austin. Kent enjoyed a long ministry in the Presbyterian Church and is now retired from the ministry. He and his lovely wife Barbara have been married for 58 years. Kent joined Rotary in 1994. Kent said that he found us to be the "only club that features wine". He said, "(when traveling) before you leave (a town) you can find a Rotary Club and they HAVE to take you in." 
    Kent Miller reports that there is a persistent crisis for healthy, clean, fresh water in Africa and other countries. Global grants were made available 2 years ago to get fresh water to Ethiopia. Northwest Rotary Club in Austin has joined the Rotary Club in Ethiopia to bring life giving water to 10,000 people in rural Ethiopia. Kent said, "You and Rotary make the difference of clean versus polluted water. Save lives and give hope! "Water to Thrive Program" builds wells and saves lives. Kent shared that "over 300 million people have no access to clean water in Africa. This year 2.2 million children will die from dysentery and related diseases and 80% die within the first 2 years of life." In last 10 years more humans have died from dysentery than all armed conflicts. For more information please contact Kent Miller, Chair, Clean Water for Healthy Families, or 512-560-2559.
    As is our custom, a book will be donated to the Locke Hill Elementary School Library. Brenda Jackson donated books for September.  Thank you Brenda!