President Rick Tarbell presided over our Club Assembly this week.  Committee Chairs and club members shared upcoming events and information useful to the club.
Community Service Chair Allyson Hamlyn announced the MUNSA Pancake Supper fundraiser is October 24 at the International School of the Americas. This is a fundraiser that benefits the school.  We usually have a good turnout of volunteers.  You can wear either the MUNSA tee shirt from Joe Montagna or your blue Rotarian at Work tee shirt. If you need a tee shirt let Allyson know.
October 31 is the annual Morgan’s Wonderland More Delightful than Frightful.  With a projected attendance of 3,500 and volunteers and candy are urgently needed! Background check is required – forms are available at our club meetings.
Destiny Mujica announced that Earn-A-Bike Christmas this year will be held at 2 different school districts:  Edgewood ISD, Kennedy High School and Harlandale ISD, Harlandale High School. Dates are December 7 and 14.  They are planning for 100 students at each school. More information to come!
Treasurer Stuart Dudley announced that any request from club members that may have been approved by last year’s board will need to be approved by the current board.  Also, contributions to the local or national Foundation will be sent the month following by Stuart.
Pass the Hat donations are sent to the designated organization at the end of the month.  The donation is rounded up to the nearest $100. as approved by the board.
Fred Timmons spoke about the upcoming Gold Raffle. He said that he sends out emails to people he knows asking them to purchase raffle tickets from him. He said that we are hoping to have 75 – 90 people at the event. “There are only 5 weeks left!”  If anyone has undesignated tickets please bring them to the meeting so that someone else can sell them.  We want all 300 tickets sold!
Membership Chair Ken Ruiz mentioned that he just graduated from Rotary Leadership Institute.  For years he avoided attending and he’s so glad that he decided to go. He urged us to not avoid attending RLI. You will learn a ton of useful information and meet other great Rotarians and have fun!  On the topic of increasing our membership, he asked: “Who are we?” “Who is around us?” Introduce someone to rotary and invite them to a meeting!
Vice President John Legris is Speaker Chair. He said that he, Brenda Jackson and Destiny Mujica have been successful in scheduling speakers for our meetings. He would like for all of us to think about who might be a good candidate to speak at our club.  He asked for recommendations.
Bil Trodlier was curious about a date for our Christmas Party.  It is tentatively planned for the evening of December 7.  More details to come and may possibly change.
Bil contacted the principal at Marshall High School and shared information about Interact. He said that there is some interest in possibly forming an Interact Club.
Ken Donoughue shared information about Donor Advised Funds.
Destiny Mujica shared that her grandfather, who is 87, has polio. She intends to shoot a video asking him to tell his story.  He was diagnosed when he was in his 20’s. Also, her great grandad in Oklahoma was a Rotarian.  We certainly are blessed to have you in our club Destiny – and excited for your future little Rotarian!
Gloria Richter shared that there is a great article in this month’s Rotarian about polio!  For those of you who might not know, you can also read a digital version online at
Ken Donoughue, who is one of the facilitators, said he will announce the next RLI when he finds out when it is scheduled.  He also said the Veronica Ruse has attended RLI! Awesome, Veronica!