President John Legris welcomed our special guest speaker District 5840 Assistant Governor Tom Hutton to "The Friendliest Club in District 5840"! Immediate Past President Rick Tarbell led the club with a prayer and the pledges
National Days
National Stress Awareness Day
National Candy Day – word from quad ancient Persian. Means cane sugar
National Chicken Lady Day - in honor of Dr Marthenia Dupre who was in charge for training in a chicken restaurant
What Day Is It?
1842 Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd of Kentucky
1922 Entrance to King Tut’s tomb was discovered by American Archeologist Dr. Howard Carter
1948 American poet TS Elliot was awarded by the Nobel Prize
Fred’s Funnies
Courtesy of Ken Ruiz
Why do peanuts float in regular Coke but sink in Diet Coke?
Why is it that you put your 2 cents in but it’s only a penny for your thoughts? What happens to that other penny?
If a deaf person is called into court is it still called a hearing?
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Jackie Parson's birthday is Nov 5.
Don Deal's birthday is Nov 8
Jackie & Larry Parson's wedding anniversary is Nov 26.
In honor of his 95th birthday, Ken Ruiz called Don Deal on the phone and we all and sang “Happy Birthday!”  We hope that his day is really special!
Club Volunteers
Thank you Rick Rhodes for providing books that we will donate in honor of our guest speakers this month.
Prayer sign up is open – we need YOU to volunteer!
Books sign up is open beginning in December -  please sign up!
Club Luncheon and Business Meeting
President John introduced our guest speaker our own Ken Donoughue!  Bridges 2 Care San Antonio was brought to our attention by Pathways to Hope. Focusing on mental illness and ways to address it and put the stigma aside.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness "NAMI" Exec Director and several others put Bridges to Care together. There are now 17 churches that share resources to meet community needs. BTC San Antonio will aid families in surviving the aftermath of covid-19. Provides mental health education and support among the faith community, non profits and other organizations.  Faith communities will form a cluster of 10 churches. is a database that has been put together by the dept of human services. San Antonio Resource Directory, "SACRD for short" has a website and you can visit it here: Based on zip code – toolbar showing places where one can get help such as day care, food and other things needed. This will establish partners between faith. Community outreach workers who connect mental health champions with people who need help. Seven clusters of 10 congregations throughout the San Antonio area and will begin training soon. They strive for the reduction in the stigma in the area of mental health. First year’s budget is $50K. The City of San Antonio has already put in $25K and the balance will be raised with the faith based community. “H.E.R.O.E.S. Care” supports vets and their families whether they are deployed, about the be deployed or when they come back from being deployed. Visit their website here:
We will donate a book to Locke Hill Elementary School’s Library in honor of Ken’s presentation.  Thank you Ken for this helpful information!